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Author: Webmaster Created: 7/2/2007
Keep up to date with the latest rumors, gossip, and news surrounding the Poinciana, FL community with the PoincianaNews.com blog.

It seems like a never-ending battle for Poinciana residents to get some decent food, healthcare and entertainment in the area.  As I drove by the empty lot besides Burger King that was supposed to go to Chili's, I noticed a Land For Sale sign instead of the big red and green pepper.  Upon doing some research on the internet, there seems to be a rumor that Chili's backed out, even giving up the deposit they had down.  This is of course speculative, but seems like a reasonable explanation.

Oh what I would give to bring visitors to my home to a decent sit-down establishment.  I wonder if Starbucks or Wendy's are going to move ahead?  If Chili's thinks the market isn't right, I can't imagine why Starbucks would.

Of course, we don't read about such negative things in our trusty Poinciana Pioneer.  They fail to mention when businesses back out.  Actually, they don't do a real good job of letting us know when businesses sign up!

Adding a little plug:  Disney Vacation Discounts!

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Apparently Avatar is running into some problems getting the much-hyped Poinciana Parkway approved. The current parkway plans take the road through what’s known as the Reedy Creek Mitigation Bank. This is a 3,520-acre wetland habitat set aside in order to offset environmental damage done by Central Florida construction projects in the past.

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Poinciana StarbucksSo we know that Starbucks is joining a growing list of businesses that are entering into the new Cypress Plaza in Poinciana near Walmart.  I'm not sure if putting more caffeine inside the drivers around here is the best idea in the world, but hey, at least I can now get me a nice Grande Vanilla Latte in the morning before work.

Also joining Starbucks in the new $15 million shopping center will be N.Y.P.D Pizza Delicatessen and The Taco Maker.  Just like Chinese restaurants, I'm not entirely sure we need another Pizza joint.  Poinciana Taco Maker

The Taco Maker sounds interesting, but I have never heard of them.  Apparently there is only one other location in all of Florida. The Taco Maker franchise is a Mexican...

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Although I personally haven’t been in Poinciana long enough to truly understand the battle it must have been, it appears that the creation of a new Post Office in Poinciana, FL is finally becoming a reality.  An aid to Congressman Adam Putnam recently made an appearance at a local meeting and confirmed that $3.4 million dollars of funding has been approved to create a 7,000 square foot post office facility.  The proposed area where the building will be constructed is in the area of San Remo Road and Doverplum Avenue.

Jeanette Coughenour, the Association of Poinciana Villages Manager, states that we should have only one more Christmas having to deal with the currently cramped Post Office.  Special thanks to the Congressman for listening to the residents.  And a special thanks to the residents for speaking up.

There has been a lot of hype about the future addition of a commuter railroad train that will travel between Orlando and Poinciana.  This would certainly help get some drivers off the congested roads.  It appears there is just one problem with the idea at this point, and that is the planned location of the train station.

Sandra Gutierrez is the rail transportation project manager for the Florida Department of Transportation's Orlando Urban office.  She recently gave a presentation to a group of business representatives at a Poinciana Area Council meeting.  There, she stated that the train station would be located almost 10 miles away from the majority of Poinciana housing, in the Poinciana Industrial Park.

Gutierrez states "we will have feeder buses that will take people to the stations" as a way of helping commuters who do not want to drive to the stations or simply do not have a car.

The reasons given for the location of the new terminal were cost.  Railroad tracks already exist in this area, and it was much more cost effective to buy existing tracks from CSX then to build a whole new rail line.


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