Friday, August 17, 2007
Osceola County Commissioner Message - September
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Ken Shipley

Dear Poinciana Citizens:

This month we celebrated Labor Day, the day set aside to recognize and commemorate the accomplishments of American labor.  Children and college students have returned to school and the weather begins to turn cooler.  As the new school year begins, let us continue to encourage them towards their highest potential and to conquer potential challenges.     

For the past few months, the County Commission has gone through broad hearings in preparing the budget to provide our citizens various services in the upcoming years.  Your input is valuable in this process.  Should you be interested in attending, a public hearing for the adoption of Special Assessment and Tax Rates is scheduled for Wednesday, Sept. 12 at 6:00 p.m.  On the same day, the 1st TRIM public hearing to adopt the budget will take place at 6:30 p.m.  The final public hearing to adopt the budget and millage is scheduled for Wednesday, Sept. 26th at 6:30 p.m.  All public hearings will be held at the County Commission Chambers, 4th Floor in the County Administration Building at 1 Courthouse Square.   

As in other areas of the county, crime, juvenile delinquency and violence have threatened the safety and security of our neighborhood.  We stand strong, in partnership with Avatar, YMCA, APV and the Sheriff’s Office for Polk and Osceola counties, in joining efforts for providing programs and alternatives that will make a positive difference.  I believe in developing strong communities, and in doing so, we must empower our youth by providing opportunities to enhance their recreational and social experiences in a supportive environment.  We are genuinely concerned and are working together in our pledge to a safer community.

As an update on roadway projects, signal mast arm and poles have been installed at the intersection of Oren Brown Road and Poinciana Blvd.  Traffic has been shifted to the new roadway in order to build the other half of the road.  On the Poinciana sidewalk project, we are pleased to state that it has been completed and miscellaneous items have been resolved.

As rapid as our county is growing, transportation has been impacted massively and it is an item we have assessed and examined cautiously with a “long-term” approach.  In preparation for the sustained growth, the Board has taken a proactive approached and recently voted in favor of a commuter rail project that would span across Central Florida.  Commuter rail provides a solution that can address some of Osceola’s transportation problems.  You may be wondering, what are the benefits?   The obvious benefit of commuter rail is to provide reliable, predictable, cost-effective alternative for getting to a citizen’s place of work or school.  People moving by rail, removes that many cars from our congested roadways.  Poinciana has been especially challenged with the traffic congestion during rush hour traffic jams in and out of the neighborhood.  This new project will undoubtedly relieve the gridlocks and provide a way for citizens to reach destinations such as hospitals, business, schools, commercial areas and the Orlando area rather speedily.  On a larger scale, the benefits to all include fuel conservation and better air quality, the creation of new jobs and preservation of valuable land space.     Commuters will also have a greater appreciation for what makes the area unique as they commute together feeling more like a community and less like a group of cars on the highway.  Families will spend less money on fuel, tires, brakes and repairs.  Since family cars will have less wear and tear from daily driving, the cars will last longer and hold their value better.  Venues for funding this project will encompass sales tax receipts or federal grants, bonds or other mechanisms.  I am thrilled about all the benefits this project will provide the Poinciana community.   

Feel free to come by the Association of Poinciana Villages Office, 401 Walnut Street during my office hours at the Poinciana community to share an idea, a question, suggestion or simply a comment.  To schedule an appointment, please contact Iris Soto at 407.343.2206 or email her at  As always, if you have any issues that need my immediate attention, you may contact me at my office, my cell phone 407.301.3086 or by email at

Ken Shipley, Chairman
Commissioner District 3