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Poinciana Florida Guide

Poinciana Schools

Poinciana, Florida has six local schools covering Kindergarten through 12th grade. These schools offer everything from computerized media centers and computer-assisted instruction, to classes in phonics, integrated math and science, graphic arts and advanced television production.

Also available are classes in whole language and computer science, business labs, and special classes for both ESE and ESOL children. The atmosphere for learning is enhanced by class sizes that typically range from 25 to 30 students each.

Depending on where in Poinciana you live, your children will attend either Reedy Creek or Deerwood elementary schools, then move on to grades 4-8 at the new Discovery Intermediate School or Horizon Middle School. Students in grades 9-12 attend Poinciana High School, the new Liberty High School, or you can choose to enroll them at New Dimensions High School, Osceola County's first charter school.

Elementary Schools

Reedy Creek Elementary
5100 Eagles Trail
Poinciana, Florida 34758
Phone: (407) 935-3580
Fax: (407) 935-3590
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Deerwood Elementary
3701 Marigold Avenue
Poinciana, FL 34758
Phone: (407) 870-2400
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Chestnut Elementary
4300 Chestnut Street
Poinciana, FL 34759
Phone: (407) 870-4862
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Poinciana Elementary
4201 Rhododendron Ave
Poinciana, FL 34758
Phone: (407) 343-4500
Fax: (407) 343-4519
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Middle Schools (Grades 4-8)

Discovery Intermediate
5350 San Miguel Road 
Kissimmee, Fl 34758 
Phone: (407) 343-7300 
Fax: (407) 343-7310
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Horizon Middle
2020 Ham Brown Road
Kissimmee FL  34746
Phone: (407) 943-7240
Fax: (407) 943-7250
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High Schools (Grades 9-12)

Poinciana High
2300 S. Poinciana Boulevard
Kissimmee FL  34758
Phone: (407) 870-4860
Fax: (407) 870-0382
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Liberty High
4250 Pleasant Hill Road
Kissimmee FL  34746
Phone: (321) 442-3456
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New Dimensions High
4900 Pleasant Hill Road
Kissimmee FL  34759
Phone: (407) 870-9949
Fax: (407) 870-8976
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